Monday, April 15, 2019

Lambing 2019

I would say overall it was a successful year here on the homestead. 
We ending lambing on a hard note this morning. 1 large dead ewe lamb. Died during birth. 

Large lamb
First time ewe
Both legs back
Wedged in canal
Plus we didn’t catch it right away

Death happens but for me it’s not easy but some deaths are easier to process than others. This kind of death sits on my shoulders. Ultimately, it’s my responsibility to get their lambs here safely and alive and when one dies in a pull that outcome squarely is mine.

I shoot for an unrealistic 100% success rate and some years I have been blessed to get that. This year was close. All but the last survived and with only a few ewes needing a little extra help. 

We are heavy on our ram lambs this year which makes this loss even more frustrating... a ewe lamb.

But as hard as this is, it’s another lesson learned.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Selling your Soul

Self- evaluation or farm evaluation can be a heart wrenching process (at least it is for me).

Do we have enough land to support this? 
Do we have access to enough feed?
Do we have the time to keep expanding?
Do we have the time to properly care for any animals?
Do we have enough money to support a hobby farm and our other needs?
Is this what we (all) want to be focused on?

Sometimes the answers all point full steam ahead. For our family, there have been some yellow lights, which has meant a closer inspection or a pause to reflect. 

As I write this I am driving 5 adult babydolls to their new home. The original 3 (Teddy, Bella, and Buttons) have all now found new homes. I feel so much sadness in my soul. Sad to say goodbye to the sheep that have been our base. I have had lots of moments of hesitation during the process of selling these 5. 
Do I honor the animal and let them live out their days on our farm?
Do I need to sell them?
Am I doing the right thing?

We sell lambs every year. We have sold older animals. This trip and process has been plagued with this question of right vs wrong. 5 older sheep is a significant change to our farm fabric. These particular sheep are also some of the animals we are most attached to.

I believe at some point every farm/farmer has to ask themselves these same questions. We know it's not a matter of right vs wrong but a question of aligning production & operations with your soul & passion. 

Today I/we are selling pieces of our soul to balance production. Another not so easy lesson.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

2018 Breeding Schedule

2019 should be an exciting year for us. Most of 2018 we have contemplated changing our focus but after a tough year we decided to carry on through to 2019. We have a couple exciting changes. 2 new rams and some of our own rams joining the ranks. We also will have a new buck arriving just in time for our goats.


Thursday, March 22, 2018

2017 Sales


This sweet girl was born last year and is one of the quietest most gentle ewes. 
Her mother is noisy and bossy but she got our ram, Fabio's, super chill personality.

We have to move our sheep around a lot because of grazing and predators etc and she happily follows anywhere in the yard.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


I have been working on getting some of our animals updated. This is Dabbs- It is our second daughter's goat.


Our January lambs are doing great! All are sold as 4-H animals.

My girls are selling their Nigerian Dwarf kids from October and I updated the sales page. Check them out! They are hilarious and adorable (and they eat lots of weeds....)